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Changes coming to Outlook.com on a mobile browser

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Changes coming to Outlook.com on a mobile browser We are making changes to your Outlook.com experience in a mobile browser | Dear Outlook.com user, You are receiving this email to let you know of some changes that we are making to the Outlook.com Mail experience on a mobile browser.
view.email2.office.com/?qs=a48db214762004c4c01441a2f2b9c20cc50285879b0f05c1ea591bcbf503c22f47774cbd389efdb14d1880773196099d4e1b4f831cdb0144beef5534acba680d5d66f9a5c32c60df9306f1681c997cf0 View in browser
We are making changes to your Outlook‍.c‍o‍m experience in a mobile browser
Dear Outlook‍.c‍o‍m user,
You are receiving this email to let you know of some changes that we are making to the Outlook‍.c‍o‍m Mail experience on a mobile browser.
What is changing:
We are rolling out a new and faster beta experience for Mail in click.email2.office.com/?qs=09f4db751d3c5e806f4046f4349c425effb988f7feb58f433d75ea9a4da5bcf3ba3583986b8b5557eaefb1c11853e508a29941c13e671babc36ea72021c0a183 Outlook.com when accessed in a mobile browser. This roll out follows the updates click.email2.office.com/?qs=09f4db751d3c5e80b3b3ae9bc8802e1ed9d39aba3dc2c3a4f724910362d8f9b0702f7162b931095264c988825aeda7d7416a57c3b65203e9ce3462e300d7e547 previously announced for Outlook.com in a desktop browser. In the next couple of months all click.email2.office.com/?qs=09f4db751d3c5e806f4046f4349c425effb988f7feb58f433d75ea9a4da5bcf3ba3583986b8b5557eaefb1c11853e508a29941c13e671babc36ea72021c0a183 Outlook.com users who access their account in a mobile browser will see this beta experience but will have the option to opt‑out to the classic click.email2.office.com/?qs=09f4db751d3c5e806f4046f4349c425effb988f7feb58f433d75ea9a4da5bcf3ba3583986b8b5557eaefb1c11853e508a29941c13e671babc36ea72021c0a183 Outlook.com .

You can opt‑out of this beta experience by switching the Outlook beta toggle.
How to opt‑out:

Tap on the menu icon (3 horizontal lines on the top left corner)
The Outlook beta toggle will be at the top of the side bar
Tap on the toggle to go back to the classic experience

If you opted out and want to opt-in again, please follow these instructions:

Log in to click.email2.office.com/?qs=09f4db751d3c5e804f89a1c25996b5f9d79abe0d4b5eec141cc88a4fe14e4884cbecba08c676d29ea1cad7785f32354416a638efdabaf4585ac9d11442d36124 www.outlook.com in a mobile browser
Tap on the menu icon (3 horizontal lines on the top left corner)
When you see your name and email, scroll all the way down and look for the “Try the beta” toggle
Tap on the “Try the beta” toggle to enable the new experience

You can opt in and out as many times as you want and as often as you want.
Please be aware that some functionality is not yet supported in the beta experience for Mail. We would love to hear from you on the go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=2043388 UserVoice channel if you are missing a feature you need or like. Your feedback is quite important to us and will help shape the future of the Outlook‍.c‍o‍m experience in the mobile browser.
To learn more, please visit this click.email2.office.com/?qs=09f4db751d3c5e80eb02bb86cdbd5989c252ee8d9f0561a9e35d18161b2539a6ac08b59536d1b000e6dde26f78f418df6d5452d56c15fa50c54df9674848d079 support article or if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us in our click.email2.office.com/?qs=09f4db751d3c5e80641cbc86c67716fa71687cfba39e3fc3a8c90eb168a96b46a3cedf6193daaed4940e79fbba9807f42d312a8a4914551badd594c8d7fa4d30 UserVoice channel .
The Outlook.com team

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You are receiving this email because you have an Outlook.com account.

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